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Founder + Artist-coach 

Federica Buonsante is an Italian language educator, movement artist and independent researcher based in Brazil. Her research focuses on creative languages to enhance self-awareness. After specializing in Chinese culture, she obtained her PhD in Public Art from the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. In China, she participated in several projects in the field of arts education and social inclusion. In 2020 she returned to her hometown in the South of Italy and created Rong Place, a canvas room to familiriaze with the sense of emptiness during the pandemics. Federica practices yoga as a form of appropriation of the outer space. For her evolution, she refers to Vipassana meditation and plant medicine. She works as a language teacher, I-Ching reader and expressive coach to help groups and individuals find their inner voice through the practice of nonjudgmental observation and Taoist's Art of the Heart. For more visit her website


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