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Social practice, participatory stage design 

Creating an education framework of social practices to improve conscious consumption, through the aesthetics of Emptiness. The project has been financially supported by PIN (Pugliesi Innovativi) as European Social Found for Creative Innovation. 

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Cultural management

Just like the rest of Italy, also Corato is facing a decrease in young citizens. This Poster Art Call was a call to action to the young population in the town of Corato, Italy. The aim of the project was to reclaim the right to the city by creating an imaginary future of the town from the eyes of young creatives. 


Video-sound performance, scriptwriting 


The short movie, created along with visual artist Alessandro Vangi consists of a mixture of images and voices from interviews with the inhabitants of Corato, questioning the precarious condition of theatre artists in relation with the history of the Municipal Theatre and its recent shutdown due to Covid restrictions. 


Public Art as Social Form: the quality of Community Engagement in “Perception”

Writing and publishing 


Case study research on public art project "Perception" by eLSeed. Federica Buonsante (柏帆霓), trans. by Lin Na (林娜). Public Art China.



ISSN 1674-7038  

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Cultural management


Curated the cultural programme of the city during Christmas 2020 to support local musicians, performers and other cultural practitioners who were struggling during the pandemics. Production was located in the Municipal Theatre and launched on digital platforms. In less than 15 days it reached more than 30.000 viewers.


Compressed Identities in traditional Beijing  

Writing and publishing 


Compressed Identities is the result of a visit to Mr Wang's home workshop and its perception towards the Beijing Dashilan regeneration project. Written by Federica Buonsante, trans. by Chen Lu (陈璐)


Babel Magazine pp. 66-71.

Issue 2, 2019

ISSN: 2590-2067

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Research and presenting


Shanghai, on 22 and 23 October 2019. The main topics of discussion for the meetings were: Developing Research Methods for Public Art; Comparison of Production Methods for Public Art in different regions;  Public Art Policy and Regulations; the Evaluation of Public Art.

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The Fourth International Award for Public Art 2019

Research and presenting 


21st October 2019. Among the Finalists of the Fourth IAPA, selected from more than 300 art projects nominated, the case study presented by Federica, namely "Perception" by eLSeed, was awarded the Excellence Prize. As in Public Art Magazine The Fourth International Award for Public Art (IAPA) Project in Africa wins the Excellence Prize for the International Award for Public Art. Public Art China. N4/2019  ISSN 1674-7038 

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Writing and publishing 


Contemporary artist Kim Engelen (Netherlands) interviewed five of her artists-friends: Federica Buonsante (Italy), Đejmi Hadrović (Slovenia), Frans Huisman (Netherlands), Lynn Marie Kirby (USA), and Libby Page (UK). Each interview holds five questions about the interviewed artist’s work. This book is the first one in a series of five books.

72 pages
ISBN 979-8653735950

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Social practice 

A social ritual that implies the act of sharing food and artworks to encourage creative freedom and individual expression among participants in China and Italy. 


Writing and publishing


Interview with French-Tunisian artist ElSeed winner at the 4th International Award for Public Art. Edited by Federica Buonsante (柏帆霓), trans. by Lin Na (林娜). 


Public Art China Magazine


Issn 1674-7038

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Writing and publishing


Joint publication of a series of meetings between 3 Poets and 3 Contemporary artists on living in China.


Frontcover, 2019

ISBN: 978-90-809866-8-8


Cultural management


Curated the showcase of James Jones the latest documentary in Italy.  James is a two-time Emmy Award-winning and five-time BAFTA-nominated director. His films are broadcast around the world, primarily on the BBCChannel 4 and PBS Frontline.


Research and presenting


Panel Speaker at CRITICA Festival, Shanghai. Organizers invited artists and audience to debate the power of art to promote social inclusion, in a panel moderated by Elevate.


Cultural management

Organized and designed a three-day event for the opening of Sensistan Museum in Goa, India. Recruited artists and musicians. Around 500 people attended the event, more than 30 artists joined the programme. 


Social practice


Participatory photography project, in various areas of Shanghai as a call to action to reclaim the belonging to the public space through words and meanings people, gave to them. In collaboration with artist Virginia Lui.


2018 Institute for Public Art Research Network Meeting

Research and presenting


Annual meeting organized by Shanghai Academy fo Fine Arts, presented nominated case studies, joined group research sessions and discussed approaches with other experts in the field. As in Summary of Institute for Public Art Research Network Meeting 2018. Zhang Yujie and Wei Qiuyan pp. 50-58

Issue N.1/2019. Public Art China.

ISSN 1674-7038


Artist in residence programme, workshop

Artist-in-residence programme in the countryside of Chongqing organized by Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, contributing translated into a three-day cross-disciplinary workshop namely “Gift to Earth” in Chinese “礼尚往来''. The objective was to reinterpret the relationship with the earth and to reconvert the meaning of the gift using drama, drawing, clay modelling and poem composition. 


Stage design, cultural management 

Artist-in-residency programme to relaunch local tourism in the area. Worked on the design and realization of "Perpetual Theatre" 永续剧场 a bamboo stage to raise awareness about the relationship between locals and their environment. Curated the cultural programming on the stage as the focus point for social gatherings. 

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Absent Matter, Metaphysical Ruins and Genius Loci 

Writing and publishing


Interview with Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi edited by Federica Buonsante (柏帆霓) trans. Lin Na (林娜). Public Art China Magazine. pp 61-65. n.4/2018. ISSN 1674-7038 . 

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International Public Art Academic Cooperation Series 

Research and presenting

The International Public Art Study Workshop focused on the Dashilar Renewal Project in Beijing. It was held twice in mid-November and mid-December. Research teams from the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, School of Arts at the Peking University and the Academy of Arts & Design at the Tsinghua University, as well as the investors, organizers and designers from Beijing Dashilar Renewal Project, participated in the field study and academic research of the Dashilar project that won The Third International Public Art Prize.


Teaching and learning 

30+ experiments on teaching English as a foreign to Chinese kids using expressive arts as a way to facilitate learning collected in a portfolio. From 2016 to 2019.

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