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with Federica Buonsante (200 RYT)

Type: Aesthetic Research in nature and Movement Art Workshop
Time: July 2022
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Rong Place Studio, Italy.

The Organic Movement event was a captivating three-hour journey where young learners explored narratives through body movements inspired by nature, meditation, and motion. They aimed to create a photo performance.

Beginning with an aesthetic study of nature's beauty and fluid motion, participants connected with its rhythms, sounds, colors, and forms, fostering mindfulness and a sense of interconnectedness.

They then embodied nature's behaviors through the human body using elements from Yoga, the 5 rhythms practice, and free movement. This led to unique performances of deliberate, unhurried motion, enhancing their kinesthetic awareness.

The experience culminated in captivating performance photographs on a pristine white canvas, blending natural rhythms with their physicality. This tangible representation showcased their growth and connection with the natural world.

In summary, the Organic Movement experience immersed young learners in nature-inspired movements, fostering mindfulness and creativity. The performance photographs became a testament to their fusion of art and nature.

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