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With Federica Buonsante

Type: Comics Workshop
Time: 27.07
Duration 60 minutes
Location: Benediktinerkloster 1, 6390 Engelberg Monastery, Swizerland
Partner: Alpadia Language Schools

Through the practice of LANGUAGE MEDITATION (LM), we delve deep into the very core of language, enabling its graceful expression through aesthetic experiences and creative manifestations. Guided by this innovative approach, a dynamic cohort of international students converged, embarking on the composition of a comic series seamlessly woven around the theme of Future Technology. This endeavor was elegantly interlaced with the application of Future tenses, all within the nurturing embrace of the Alpadia Language Schools camp nestled within the serene Benedectine Monastery in Engelberg (CH).

The journey unfolded through a meticulously crafted process:

  1. Vocabulary Immersion and English Mastery: This laid the foundation, equipping participants with the linguistic tools necessary to seamlessly navigate the realms of creativity.

  2. Weaving the Storyline: With linguistic acumen enriched, participants ventured into the realm of narrative construction that revolved around the captivating concept of Future Technology.

  3. Birthing Creative Content: The pinnacle of this voyage was marked by the creation of captivating content.

In essence, the convergence of LANGUAGE MEDITATION (LM), the thematic prowess of Future Technology, and the captivating backdrop of Alpadia Language Schools' camp at the Benedectine Monastery, Engelberg (CH), fostered an environment where language transcended its traditional boundaries. It became a tapestry interwoven with creativity and linguistic finesse, while nurturing a cohort of students who emerged not only as masters of expression but as architects of imaginative realms.

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