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BlackBox (in the White Room)

with artist Elisa Laraia

Type: Workshops + Exhibitions
Duration: 5 hours
Time: Sept. 2021
Location: Rong Place Studio, Italy.

THE GIFT: The nucleus of the work and its periphery approach each other, dissolving into the uniqueness of the creative gesture.

"Black Box" is a technological mosaic comprised of smartphones, constituting a participatory work of art. Through the collaborative contributions of users, it seeks to narrate the tale of contemporary society and its inherent uncertainties.On Sunday the 20th, guided by the artist @elisalaraia, participants—Simona, Antonella, Andrea, Carmen, Fabio, Noemi, Luisa, and Massimo—embarked on an exploration of their past, present, and future identities. Subsequently, they gathered the courage to share their narratives through video.These personal stories have seamlessly woven into a digital installation, becoming integral elements of a movement that was initiated during the Covid-19 pandemic. This collaborative endeavor is in partnership with students from the video installation course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

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