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ALMIGHTY SHADOWS: La mia ombra è onnipotente

Type: Hypnosis and Movement Art Workshop
Duration: 3 hours
Co-designed: Phycologist Roberta Maldera
Location: Rong Studio, Corato, Italy.

Embarking on a Journey to Uncover a Chinese Literary Classic through a Personal and Authorial Lens via Psychotherapy and Movement.

Drawing inspiration from one of the four great Chinese classic novels, "Journey to the West," the narrative unfolds in an authorial manner, employing psychotherapy and movement to explore its depths.

This renowned work, "Journey to the West," authored by scholar Wu Ch'êng-ên in the sixteenth century, weaves together a vast tapestry of legends that had been amassed over centuries. These legends revolve around the monumental odyssey "westward," specifically to India, undertaken by the monk Hsüan Tsang, later known as Tripitaka. His mission was to procure Buddhist sacred scriptures and introduce them to China.

As we navigate through the intricate events that unfold within this literary forest, a gradual realization dawns upon us: "Lo Scimmiotto" (The Monkey) serves as a poignant allegory of our own journey.

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