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Almighty Shadows
La mia ombra è onnipotente

Type: Shadow Workshop; Performance  

Date: 15-16th January 2022

Form: Collective

The purpose of the workshop for each partcipants is to glorify their own shadow through hypnosis, journaling and movement art. 

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Guided by 

Roberta Maldera, hypnoteraphist and pshychotherapist. 

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Atom. 200 RYT movement artist and faciliator.


“Almighty shadows” is the name of a Shadow workshop, intended as an emotional and symbolic elaboration process of each participant's stories through the reinterpretation of the Chinese myth "Journey to the East". 

During a 3-hour immersive experience, participants are given the opportunity to rework their own experiences with the guidance of a psychotherapist and a yoga teacher. Through the symbolic modelling  Roberta Maldera guided participants deep in the subconsciuos. While Atom (Federica Buonsante) guided the opening, the composition word and body movements projected as shadows stories on the wall. 


On this occasion, participants receive the interpretative tools to elaborate their own meanings, to select main events and to express them in a creative way through journaling and body movements. 

At the end of group sessions each participant had the chance to perfrom their own story.  Their perception was documented before, during and after the experience. 


Backstage album. Photo perspective by Giuseppe Mat. 
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