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Pieces of Resistance

Type: Collective Installation

Author:  Daniele Mastromauro, "Rimettiamo in moto la Città” and Federica Buonsante

Date: 31st January 2021

X Form: Collective

“Desires '' came out as a process of reconciliation with a sense of freedom from pandemics.

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 22.52_edited.jpg

Initiated by mail artisti Daniele Mastormauro and prompted by her political group “Let's get the city back in motion”, the action aimed at creating a free space for people to express throughout poetry, performance, installations and drawings, their desire to get over the sensation of closure and oppression. On a blank stage this mixture suddenly felt like home.  

Have you thought about 2021?

This is not the year to come, yes.

It is already being talked about, it is being discussed, but it seems to have started a little slow.There isn't much to do yet

We are still stuck from the past year 

But do you have a wish?

Not many. Just One.

In two thousand twenty-one.

We have it and we want to share it with you

We, ours and you, yours 

Only brings with you:

few ornaments as possible,

only one object necessary to express

an action as your desire

by entering you will already find 

other expressed ones

on a canvas waiting to be filled

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 22.53.10.png
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