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Forgotten Landscape
Wherever I am

Type: Active Storytelling

Authors: Kalpana and Federica Buonsante

Date: 9th January 2022

Form: Ritual

Collecting pieces of own's identity with active listening. This is an experimental form of participatory storytelling in which the protagonist is asked to stage her/his own story in the blank room and open it to the public to share humans' most intimate narratives.


Kulpana’s story was about nostalgic memories of her homeland  Nepal mixed with a feeling of not belonging to neither of languages she speaks. This feeling of alienation was somehow mirrored by participants, who don’t speak English as their primary language.

Experience of participatory storytelling based on the identity recontruction of a human being, this time Kalpana.


Kalpana means immagination; she is animation artist, Nepalese based in London, immigrated with her family when she was 7.


Offering herself as a volunteer, Kalpana was asked to write her biography and then clean it up and put it in the form of an audio narrative. Kalpana then invited participants to enter her story-room and write down words, pieces of her story on the blank post-its installed on the wall. 


The feeling of fragmentation told by Kalpana was reflected in those who, upon entering, had to identify themselves in a language, English, which did not belong to any of them. Kalpana welcomed visitors into "her room" with the habit that was most familiar to her, the act of writing a diary.


This gave her authority, protection in the position of strong vulnerability to which she underwent to tell herself to a group of unknown people. At the end of the experience Kalpana collected the pieces of her story based on what participants had left on the wall. 



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