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Type: Tech-Art Workshop and Installation

Author: Elisa Laraia and Federica Buonsante

Date: 20th September 2020

X Form: Collective

A participatory practice which, thanks to the contribution of users, wants to tell about contemporary society and its uncertainties during Covid-19.

Black Box
Black Box in the Whie Room
Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 23.06.17.png

Black Box is a technological mosaic made of smartphones by the artist and lecturer Elisa Laraia along with her students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

On Sunday 20 September 2020, under the virtual guidance of the artist, participants Simona, Antonella, Andrea, Carmen, Fabio, Noemi, Luisa and Massimo were invited to enter the room one by one and to answer there questions about their past, present and future identities.

Here they were asked to record the answer on a video on their smartphones. On the evening of the same day smartphones showing their video were installed inside the room, playing simultaneously. This act become a digital installation open to visitors.

Backstage Album
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