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The warrior
Il Guerriero

Type:  Pop-up Exhibition

Author: Luisa Veresano

Date: 18th Semptermber 2021

X Form: Ritual

During this pop-up exhibition, the artist and poet Luisa Varesano presented her work, namely δαίμων, trasl. dáimōn, "divine being".

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 12.06.10.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 12.05.24.png

A series of paintings part of a single work thus constituted the ambivalent sexual nature of what she defines as her spirit guides. The exhibition lasted 2 hours.

The conversation began with the presentation of the artwork, followed by a discussion in which each participant began to share their experience with the extraordinary beings.


This experience was an example of how art could become a catalyst for human relationships, breaking the barrier between the user and the creator by creating a sense of identification between the two.

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