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Parallel Vison
Visioni Parallele

Type: Vision Board workshop

Author: Federica Buonsante

Date:  31st December 2021/3rd January 2022

X Form: Social

What are your plans for the upcoming year(s)? What do you like and wish for? What do others ask you to do? 

The vision board is a widely used method of becoming aware of visions, talents and needs. It occurs through the making process of a personal collage as a visual representation of what we believe, what we are and what we want to achieve.

To create a vision board at Rong Place we start with precise questions, which the participants must answer simultaneously and immediately. We then move on to the selection of personal symbols to finally arrive at the search for images and their selection in magazines divided by sectors, to arrive at the composition of the final work. Each moment phase is marked by a pause in which the tools strictly necessary for that activity are provided.



After all, a few minutes are left to fix the vision board and speak about it spontaneously with others if it is deemed appropriate. The work created is personal, it cannot be transferred to third parties, it can be brought home and kept in sight. It thus becomes an (almost) irreproachable memento of our conscious identity. 

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