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Juan's Sarau
Coffee & Poetry

Type:  Sarau, Meeting 

Author: Juan Carlos and Federica Buonsante

Date: 18th June 2020

X Form: Ritual

Poetic café in the company of the Argentine poet and painter Juan Carlos.

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Juan is based in Lanciano, in the Abruzzo region. Before leaving he dedicated his voice and his presence to Rong Place, and made up a poem which has been featured in time-lapses. 

Tu sei il cuore come vena aorta

Non importa il tuo oblio 

La rimembranza 

È un fiume rosso sangue 

Il ricordo è vivo 

Privo di te


Cammino sulla strada del niente.


(Trans. En. “You are the heart as aortic vein / Your oblivion doesn't matter / The remembrance / It's a blood red river / The memory is alive / Without you / Evanescent / I walk on the road to nothingness.”)

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